Be ready for anything

We’ve adapted our programs and processes to make sure that, no matter what, you can move forward with your education. Ready or not—the future’s coming. Don’t put yours on hold.

Be ready for anything

We have a solution for you

Undergraduate Study Promise

Whether you’ve already started your undergraduate degree with us, due to begin in the fall, or you’re still in high school and wondering which college to choose—you probably have a lot of questions about what the current global situation means for your education. Don’t worry; we have a solution for every circumstance.

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Graduate Study Promise

We believe learning should never stop. We’ve made sure that—no matter what—you can keep moving forward with your education. Whether you’re currently studying with us, due to start in the fall, or looking to set yourself apart with a world-class graduate degree and thrive in this new era—we’ve got you covered.

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Virtual learning for the real world

We’ve brought our real-world approach to the virtual space with an immersive, interactive learning experience that you can take part in, wherever you are. Live sessions with top professors, breakout discussions with international teams, multi-modal presentations, instant polls, and creative problem solving—virtual just got real.

Campus reopening plans

Based on current local government forecasts and plans, we are proud to announce that all of our campuses will be open by the start of September. Here, you can find out about all the precautions we have in place to safeguard our students, staff, and faculty.

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Boston campus

Tuned-in faculty

Our tech-savvy professors are business practitioners—entrepreneurs, execs, and CEOs. Directly affected by the current global situation, they’ve been through many global changes and come through them stronger, wiser, and bolder. They bring their experience to every class and are here to guide you as you explore new opportunities.

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Our global professors

Collaborate on a global scale

Connecting determined, ambitious students from all over the world is what we do best. And it’s more valuable now than ever. We’ve seen firsthand the impact this global community can have, both on the career path of the individual and the business world at large. At Hult, the network is global, the perspectives are international, and the ideas are out of this world.

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An international classroom

Ask us anything

We are available at any time to talk about your individual circumstances and goals. Our international team of advisors are ready to answer your questions so if you’d like to talk to a human, please enter your details and we’ll be in touch.