Campuses Reopening

Based on current local government forecasts and plans, we are proud to announce that most of our campuses will be open by the start of September. Here, you can find out about all the precautions we have in place to safeguard our students, staff, and faculty.

Campuses Reopening

Ready for anything

We’ve adapted our programs and processes to make sure that, no matter what, you can move forward with your education.

Limitless Learning technology

See how we've adapted our classrooms for seamless in class and at home learning.

Campus preparations

See how we're making sure our campuses provide a safe environment for everyone at all times.

Your student experience

See how students are adapting to the "new normal" to build friendships and a network that will last a lifetime.

Hybrid learning for today’s reality

Limitless Learning technology

On campus or at home—it's all one safe, seamless learning experience at Hult. Our campuses are open and ready to welcome you safely this fall. And for anyone who has to stay home, our hybrid solution makes Hult’s practical, global education accessible to all. With intelligent speaker-tracking cameras, 360° ceiling microphones, and interactive virtual classrooms—you'll feel like you're in class, wherever you are.

You'll also seamlessly rejoin those same classes in person the minute you can come to campus.

Campus preparation

Based on current local government forecasts and plans, we are pleased that our Boston, London, and Dubai campuses will be open by the start of September. We continue to monitor the local situation in San Francisco closely and will open our San Francisco campus as soon as we’re allowed to by local authorities.

For incoming students, you can join live classes with our limitless learning technology until the campus is open, or start an alternative campus until San Francisco reopens.

Below you can see the preparations we're making in anticipation of our fall reopening. The safety of our students, staff, and faculty remain our top priority.

Opening our doors this fall

  • Our campus teams have been preparing for all eventualities. We've implemented measures to ensure we meet all health guidelines necessary.

On-campus measures include:

  • Social distancing measures
  • Hand-washing and sanitizing stations
  • Use of face masks where necessary
  • One-way traffic patterns for entrances, exits, and stairs
  • Clear signage
  • Staggered class times
  • Campus space optimization
  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch areas as well as scheduled deep cleaning
  • Quarantine and isolation protocols
  • Use of the Limitless Learning technology for those on campus to ensure social distancing in classrooms as necessary

Your student experience

The Hult student experience is all about exploring new cultures and discovering your passions, not just through your studies, but also through socializing. The network you build and the relationships you make throughout your program is a huge part of your journey. We're making sure that we can all still be social while practicing physical distancing.

Meeting your friends

  • Get together in our large, open space campuses.
  • Large-scale events will be held virtually or via a combination of face-to-face and virtual.

City life

  • The cities our campuses are in are all returning to a “new normal”.
  • Outdoor restaurants, beaches, parks, and shops are starting to open up.


  • Students will continue to create, lead, and take part in extracurricular clubs and societies.
  • There are plenty of appropriate spaces to meet with teammates and friends.

A message to the Hult community

We’ve been in touch with you all to let you know that your personal enrollment advisors and campus staff are available to help answer any questions you have with regard to starting your degree this fall. Please reach out to them for guidance and support. You’re already a part of the Hult community and we’re here for you.

To all our current students, faculty, and staff, we want to say how proud we are of the fact that, wherever we are in the world, we remain connected and supportive of each other as a global community.

For questions or concerns not addressed so far through our communications, please email:

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